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Ideas For US :)

Post  Spec on Sun May 06, 2012 5:38 am

  • S Ranks Change- Make NPC's For the Mission, Then no one can abuse the S ranks by creating alts or trading kills.. Ex. For Kill ANBU Mission, Make it that you have to go to a certain area and Kill a Very Strong ANBU NPC.

    Make Game More Mission Based, I honestly think that people sit in Academy and hit logs all day which makes the game boring, & gives no reason for other people to go out & kill.

    Make some Clothes buy able, Like Blood-Exile Armor, because it isn't that oped.

    Make the Clans that people don't use better. I believe that people go Uchiha/Kaguya too much.

    Add Lion Palms for Hyuuga. Increases Damage but you can't use any justus while its on and it also increases attack speed.

    Give Kaguya's a new sword when they reach a certain level, as when they reach 120 they get a new sword called Bone Clay-more or whatever you want to call it

    Add Magnetism for Iron, I find them quite useless because Iron Sand World and most Jutsus barely hit.
    It would also be nice if you could master Iron Spear and the big iron spear comes when mastered.

    More shoes, It'll be better with more clothing Razz

    Medic Clan Based on str,con.
    You Have Learned Chakra Scalpel useing your chakra around your palms make you hit more deadly.+25% all str damage +50% criticals
    +35% hit rate Drains 3 chakra per sec

    You Have Learned Mystical Palm Technique healing jutsu for yourself or a friend Heals heals 30 hp per con

    You Have Learned Chakra Enhanced Punch A punch infused with chakra

    You Have Learned Cherry Blossom Impact you hit the ground with a chakra infused punch damaging everything around you.

    You Have Learned Yin Healing Wound Destruction you instantly heal a damaged part of your body or a friends Heals 60 hp per con

    You Have Learned Dead Soul Technique you make a dead souls come from the ground and help you fight.

Since Jounin Leaders are also important to the village, the village should lose half the inf kages lose when they die, and When Anbu's die they should lose .75 Inf and Chuunins are .5

Anbu Masks Should Hide people's Identity! That way people won't know who they fighting and run if it's a stronger opponent


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