Uzumaki and Uchiha idea and a possible Namikaze Clan (Not part of the Uzumaki)

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Uzumaki and Uchiha idea and a possible Namikaze Clan (Not part of the Uzumaki)

Post  TakaSasuke20 on Sat May 12, 2012 11:05 am

Here's my idea for the Uzumaki and Uchiha Clan. Let's start with the Uzumaki

I think there should be Genes for Uzumaki's. It goes like this. Gene 1. Kushina - Sealing - can seal Bijuu's, Naruto - a chance to be born with Kyuubi and can learn different rasengan types such as Rasen-Shuriken, Giant Rasengan, Rainbow Rasengan, Sage Art: Multiple Giant Rasengan Barrage, Rasengan Barrage (Double Rasengan) etc, 3rd Gene - Karin - Medic and Sensory type - Can heal if the person who is injured bites the Karin Gene on the arm. This Gene will also be able to "Sense" where an enemy is.

Now for the Uchiha

Sasuke Gene needs his EMS Susano'o, Kirin, Inferno Style Flame Control (Control Amaterasu), Chidori Stream (Chidori Nagashi) and Fear Tsukiyomi.

Itachi Gene needs only needs Totsuka Blade and Yamata Mirror abilities. Totsuka Blade - seals opponent and can possibly lower the opponents HP, Chakra, or stats down some. Mirror for defense,

I'm sure Rinnegan and Susano'o is getting added to Madara but he should also get that Meteor, new fire moves, and some of Hashirama's jutsus

Now time for my other suggestion. Minato Namikaze Clan. This clan would have Rasengan obviously but other than that, his Teleport moves which include marking the opponent with the special kunai, teleport behind them and then striking and the Teleport-Rasengan move (He used this on Tobi), Shiki Fujin, and able to seal Bijuu. He is not part of the Uzumaki clan, but if he were added to the Uzumaki I'd say make it so its hard to be born with his Gene.

Please take these into consideration. Thank You!

Sasuke Uchiha


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