Bugs of SWO

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Bugs of SWO

Post  Spec on Mon May 14, 2012 7:13 am

NPC Bug-When you kill a NPC they stay there and don't respawn unless you reboot.
Marauding Missions- When you kill a NPC for maraud mission it doesn't count it.

If I find more i'll edit this and add them


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Bugs I noticed

Post  Prophet Bear on Fri May 18, 2012 9:52 am

1) Hyuuga clan 128 palms, If you die while doing this you come back alive with full Health on the same spot.

2) Mountain crusher has no cool down timer

3) Some suits remain on character even when removed (just the icon)

4) When certain village NPC's die there body remain causing shadow clones or boars to go after them even though its just an icon remaining

5) I know you can only buy 3 of certain items but if you buy then drop them you can still pick up more than 3

6) Certain jutsus you cannot check the mastery Distort being one.

7) a Hyuuga hitting sumone in SZ that's in the water causes then to swim they can swim on"land" if this happens. In some cases you can Kill the person in the SZ who is swimming lol!

8} stealth suit can make a person permanently invisible, even when standing still.

9) MGM Kage Verbs get bugged. (don't work)

10) Sexy jutsu can only used once, to use it again you have to die or relog. Same goes for Death Viewing technique and advanced tracking.

11) Equipped gourd changes melee to sand attack, usign this on a person in SZ (safe zone) ignores the SZ and raises defense

12) Clicking on S rank on any Village without being able to Choose one, doing this does not let any other window pop up until the player relogs.

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Prophet Bear

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Re: Bugs of SWO

Post  Demulidor on Thu May 31, 2012 9:09 am

I found some, few but well better than nothin xD.

1: Transform have no Cooldown timer.

2: Even when mastered, sometimes empty palm doesn't do damage

3: I don't know if bug, but sometimes i use 64 palms and only final hit takes chakra of the enemy. If i press attack while using it i can take before the final hit.

4: Byakugan can't see rogues (It's something like that) on the Radar-like view area.

5: Shuriken Barrage don't lvl up anymore.

At the moment it's all i've found.

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Re: Bugs of SWO

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