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Post  Kyoki1513 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:40 am

Hello, I would like to make an application for an admin position on Shinobi War Online. I have had experience as an admin of many different Naruto Next Gen games, such as Naruto 4th Gen, Nartuo Shippuden World Destruction, Naruto Rising of the Akatsuki, and Naruto New Flames. I am the owner and coder of Naruto: Ninja Faith, which is based upon NNG, and I do not abuse my powers, nor do I give special attention to players. I tend to have good judgment and if I have an issue with a player, I would take any questions I have to someone higher up on the ladder than myself, and I would use my powers to help players. Thank you for taking the tyme to read this, and I hope to hear back from you on this topic. Ja Ne!!


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