AG Dash's Mod/GM Application

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AG Dash's Mod/GM Application

Post  Dash! on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:19 am

Real Life Name : Ian

Byond Key: AG Dash

Rank Applying for: Mod or GM

DOB(Date of Birth): 06/05/1999

Reason for Applying: Hi I would like to become a GM or Mod on the game Shinobi War Online because I am a very active and helpful player. I have been a person with powers and many games like Other NNG Rips or on some steam games that have servers. I'm a very helpful person who will help anyone in need at any time. I also welcome new players to SWO with open arms with a friendly greeting. Even if I don't get the rank I will continue to help people in the game to my full extent with what I can do.


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Admin Application

Post  Zampos101 on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:12 am

My name Tafari and my key is Zampos101 and i would like to apply of a gm/mod position because this is a really cool game that i would like to help bring back to life. I am on this game very day and i try not to bother the gm unless it not a question that's in the F.A.Q. If i was a admin i could help others and new people hat join this game.I have been trying to invite people and i have been invited 2 people, and i wont stop. Thank you for reading this and i just want to help out . Cool


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