Gen HGM/GM application Position

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Gen HGM/GM application Position

Post  Papadoc3802 on Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:14 pm


Name on Game: Gen and/or Raven



I Feel that I would make a good Gm/mod on (Shinobi War Online) because I have been gm/mod and even HGM on many games I'm on 6-9 hours a day. I Know to be really helpful. I never let people be bored. I'm an awsome person. Other: I can't Icon/Code/Program For Shit. But I'll make a good gm/mod. I never abuse the rights and laws of the game. And I always make things fair. I Hope you can choose me to be one of your GM/Mod. Plz write back and Have a good day.


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