Shusaku's APP For Staff Position

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Shusaku's APP For Staff Position

Post  Shusaku on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:02 am

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Name: Tyler

In-game name: Shusaku Hon'Inbo

Forums name: Shusaku

Are you active In-Game: Yes

Are you active on the forums: Sorta, Kinda Maybe

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

Do you play over the night? Most of the Time

Average of time you play a week: Anywhere from 45-60 hours depending on what I have going on.

Are you active on the forums: Sort of, Kind of, Maybe

How long have you played Shinobi War Online: Ehh Since the day Naruto United Shinobi Came Out (with Yamu and Spec), in which is now Shinobi War Online.

Have you read the moderator requirements?: There are none so I always come up with new ones hoping GM's would Make a certain Format and look at mine to see which one they prefer (._.")*nod*

Explain why you should be mod (A.K.A. SWAG PANTS):

I have gained respect from the players, and I'm very sorry that I don’t have patience, I'm not this type of person that will sit at home for 1 week waiting for my moderator application to be accepted. To be honest, I'll try to convince Why I should be given a second chance and what for should I be a moderator(this is separate from my application)
I have been wondering if I should post this for the last few days and now I think that I am finally ready. I think that I deserve a chance to show my abilities once again on Shinobi War Online and prove that I can make a good mod to recover my mistakes, after playing this server for this long I like to think that I know just about everything that there is to know about it. In the past, I have had my share of mistakes and I have broken rules in the past, but I have learned from these mistakes and I think that I could use the things that I learned from them in a positive way. I think that if I am given the chance I can prove myself to be a good addition to the SWO staff team.
To be honest this is a point nobody not Yamu, and Spec (Wherever the are), Tech, Cancel, Anu may understand about me. I know, or think that I have the skills to moderate. I try to show them with helping, mm’ing, etc. which are the only things I can really do. Apart from real life, I also think I have the experience in game to be able to handle various questions as ‘Where can I train POW?'....Can you help me with this mission? I just feel I could do more for this server than stand at home helping players (not that I don’t love to do those.)
Morals are also a very important point for me ya'know, I would handle situations good because it’s not only the rules, it are also my morals: You do not lie or in other words scam(like saying things like "Uchiha's don’t need POW only STR" to some new NNG player or whatever you Naruto-Game nerds call it), you do not EZ on the SWO server.. You just don’t do that. Also for people with powers there are morals, I would never abuse as I know the most things are just as bad as EZing and such. Also a lot of people say some of the appliers are ‘power-hungry’. This would not be the case with me because I don’t see those powers as real powers, I see them as abilities to do my job correctly, just because they are necessary. (P.S. If i hade Real-Powers I'd SOOOOOOOO contradict what I said come on X-RAY VISION DONT TELL ME YOU WOULDN'T ;p lol)

As for the time zones I do know that there is a decent amount of people near my time zone but especially now due to my grades I get to stay up a lot later and since none of the staff is in my exact time zone there is a window of time most nights that can go on for hours depending on the night where none of the staff is online and I would be able to fill that spot.


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