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Curse Seal Guide

Post  [Cloud Chunin]Ryan on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:03 am

The Curse Bite move is a funny jutsu. It's a combat move used by the sound leader. It's a near undodgable bite that is pretty effective. To an enemy it slows them down massively and drains their chakra to 0. Once their chakra is 0, it will start hitting their energy. Once their energy is gone then their hp will start to crumble until they die. The draining process is quite fast however and a level 30 or so will die in the matter of 10-15 seconds.

You can also use it on other sound members. They will too start the draining of their stats. The only difference is that their health/chakra/energy will only get reduced to 5% maximum and that you can still rest. Although that may not always be the case. Depending on how strong they are they might just die. Actually that happens most of the time during first try and the chances increases when you try again. If you do die though you will be recovering in the hospital for...lets just say more than the original time.

When you have the curse seal condition for half a minute, you will get the curse seal. This will usually not happen for non Soundies since it will usually kill them unless they are prepared and brought blood pills. Even so, it depends on if I want to give it to them or not. I can easily take you out once I hit you with it. Once you have the curse seal though, you'll still have the slowdown/hp drain condition for another 10 minutes. The sound leader will get the same condition 2 minutes after he/she used it and then have that condition for 5 minutes also. It will also take 5 influence if it's used on sound members.

What the curse seal does is random. But it becomes less so the more mastered you are with it.

Scenario 1 - It causes you to collapse into fatal state. This is the worst scenario since this will cause you to have the same condition which damages you until you die. You will be slowed down like that too. The only thing is that you wont die, but keep 1 hp. It will last 20 seconds at most. You will have purple/black bubbles circling you.

Scenario 2 - You will have the black seals cover half your body. This will drain your stats as well, but slowly and you get restored 50% hp. If you have over that amount of hp you gain 50% of your max hp onto your hp. Your chakra will also gain a 500% regeneration boost in this condition and all damage does 25% more with 150% less cooldown overall and max energy. This is the normal scenario and is counted as the "Stage 1" of the curse seal. You revert automatically when you don't have enough health left. When that happens however you regains 25% of your health. If you're not in sound you'll lose health 3x faster.

Scenario 3 - You will have purple aura around you with the black seals. This can not be activated normally and is basically in the middle of stage 1 and stage 2 in terms of strength. You lose health more rapid than usual. When you lose all hp though, unlike scenario 2 you die and spend more time recovering in a hospital. You have infinite chakra and energy in the time you're in this mode with 200% less cooldown overall. You are also at max speed while in this form. You lose health 3x faster if you're not in sound.

The levels of control depends on how many times it activated at scenario 2.
1 - 0 times - Activates randomly. Good chance to activate when you're fighting an enemy. At the wrong time too. Pretty decent chance it activates anytime too. Very high chance of getting scenario 1. Scenario 3 has a pretty good chance of happening too.
2 - 5 times - Activates only when you're fighting an enemy. Now there's a equal chance to get scenario 1 or 2. Small chance of 3.
3 - 15 times - You can now activate it manually with a delay. You can fail however. But you will never fail if you're fighting and is in critical condition. Before this though you can never turn your curse seal off. Now you can just turn it off whenever you want. It also never activates randomly now and scenario 1 never happens. It will go scenario 3 at times when you nearly die.
4 - 50 times - You can activate scenario 2 any time you want.
Leaf/Sand members level CS up 3x slower with 2x chance of getting scenario 1.
Missing-Nins level 2x slower

Now you may think that the random activations are cool but if you're not in Sound you will be pretty damn fucked. You'll have a long hard time in leveling it up because it will mearly always get the scenario 1 option. Having the Curse Seal will actually curse you pretty badly. You can leave your village however to actually be able to try to control it. Joining sound is the best way however. To sound members though it will be a pretty nice boost.

So curse seal is nice for sound members but will cost a bit of influence. To leaf/sandies if they survive they are pretty much fucked. It encourages them to try to get power by betraying the village for their own gains.

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