Ideas for Game

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Ideas for Game

Post  Prophet Bear on Fri May 18, 2012 9:22 am

1) Sealing Room/ cave/ place for Biju into players. Like where 9 tails was put into naruto.....One place in Each Village.

2) Speaking Of Biju's, make them Village Based. Exactly as in Naruto Each village had control over 1. If one village had control over all biju's they would be a major power house.

3) different types of Anbu masks, and Anbu leaders get Wite cloaks.

4) Wood wind and striking shadow need new icons, wood bind does not even look like wood....and perhaps snake bind actually looking like a snake before binding its victim.

5) puppet and lee class would be nice, aburame and Sound "tayuya" also Very Happy. thats it for now

6) Sure its Great Uchiha's can get EMS but why so easy, Make a medical clan as Spec suggested. Only they can do the transplant.

7) Limited Curse Major curse seal, i know orochimaru had a bunch of prisoners with Curse seals but make a few limited like earth and heaven and so on.

8.) Bingo Book that updates. Telling the persons Bounty, clan and perhaps show the apearance he had with his last Kill.

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